Learn about Rainbows!

Who doesn’t love rainbows?  They are fascinating in how they appear soon after the rain; and of course, pots of gold at the end help to add to the mystery!  Kids love them and they are an excellent way to engage children in exciting STEAM learning!

This month, our subscribers will be creating a walking rainbow.  Finn and Tyler both loved it and couldn’t get enough!  The activity involves so many learning opportunities: discussion about rainbows, learning about color mixing, fine motor skill development, learning about absorption of water…  It’s one simple activity that’s packed with excitement and lots of opportunity for extension!  Are you ready to make one?

Here’s what you’ll need!

  • 6 clear cups/glasses – all about the same size
  • 6 small pieces of paper towel – folded in thirds lengthwise (like a hotdog)
  • Food coloring (red, blue and yellow)
  • Water
  • And a pipette helps!

Here’s how to make the walking rainbow!

1.Begin by folding your paper towel into thirds lengthways – like a hotdog.

2. Line up the glasses and fill the first with a few drops of red food coloring, the third with a few drops of yellow and the fifth with a few drops of blue.  (Leave the other glasses empty.)

3. Now add water to the three glasses with food coloring (leave the other glasses empty.)

4. Move your glasses into a circle shape – keeping the same order.

5. Now place the end of one paper towel into the jar with red food coloring and the  glass and the other end in the empty jar next to it.

6. Sit down and watch what happens!  It may be a slow process, so make sure your walking rainbow is in an area where you can leave it for a bit to come back and check on it!

7. What is happening?  Why do you think the water is moving?  What happens as the colors move from two of the glasses into one new glass?



Want to learn more about rainbows?  Be sure to grab this month’s box.  This month children will learn more about light and rainbows and will create color-changing play dough, make their own scrach art, experiment with oil and water in two different activities and they’ll complete the walking rainbow!

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