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What our Customers have to say

A huge shoutout to Melanie at Bright Isle for incredible customer service. Melanie knew I was on the hunt for magnatiles and ensured they were delivered on my doorstep tonight by curfew after literally picking them up from the container at 5:30pm . Thank you so much, Bright Isle, for helping to make the next two weeks easier while I entertain three little people!

Mary Von Herberstein / Facebook - MAJ's List

Loved the overall experience we had with Bright Isle! My son loves Zingo. I love that the games, toys, and activities were items I’ve never really seen in pharmacies or online! I will certainly shop again!

Charmaine R. / Product Review
She LOVES the Imagination Magnet Castle set and all the Peaceable Kingdom games we got.
They’re so great because her big brother can play them with her while mommy and daddy work!
Vanessa P.


For all of the mamas who need this reminder today. 🤗⁠


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Add these cutest little candy heart rings to your cart for your valentine this year! ⁠

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Grab these cute paint with water Valentines for the kids! There are 18 Valentine's cards in the box - and it's a fun activity for te kids! ⁠

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Yes, it does! 🙌🏽 ⁠

📸@weareteachers ⁠

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We've got NEW arrivals for your sweet heart! 💕⁠

Check out all the new goodies! There are:⁠

⭐️ Bracelets⁠
⭐️ Necklaces⁠
⭐️ Nail stickers⁠
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⭐️ Tattoos ⁠
⭐️ Tiaras ⁠
⭐️ New fluffy pens⁠

and MORE! ⁠

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Wanting to check in at the end of the day? 💞⁠

Here are some great specific questions to ask to generate meaningful conversations with your kids! 🫶🏽⁠


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Continuing to develop fine motor skills? ⁠

Art activities are a great way to help develop the coordination and control of small muscles in the hands and fingers. 👋🏽 ⁠

There are loads of high-interest, engaging art activities in the shop to encourage fine motor skills. Visit the site to shop today! ⁠

📸 Featured product: Coloring With Clay #linkin.bio ⁠

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Behind every amazing kid is an even greater mama. You're doing an amazing job and your kids are watching and learning. 💕⁠


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Shop online for delivery tomorrow! 📲 ⁠

Bright Isle provides easy online shopping AND frees you up to do everything else on your to-do list! 🙌🏽⁠

We're on the road for delivery tomorrow! 🚐 ⁠

Featured product: Let's Go Camping Set the Scene Transfer set⁠

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Here's a cute gift option that makes a fun and easy activity that kids love. 💎 Crystal growing is always a win. 🙌🏽 ⁠

📸 Featured product: Sparkle Formations: Crystal Sea Turtles #linkin.bio

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