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Active & Outdoor Play

Sand Play Set (Green or Pink)


Active & Outdoor Play

Green Toys Submarine – Blue


Active & Outdoor Play

Watering Can – Green


Active & Outdoor Play

7ft Jump Rope


Active & Outdoor Play

HearthSong Neoprene Swing


Active & Outdoor Play



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What our Customers have to say

A huge shoutout to Melanie at Bright Isle for incredible customer service. Melanie knew I was on the hunt for magnatiles and ensured they were delivered on my doorstep tonight by curfew after literally picking them up from the container at 5:30pm . Thank you so much, Bright Isle, for helping to make the next two weeks easier while I entertain three little people!

Mary Von Herberstein / Facebook - MAJ's List

Loved the overall experience we had with Bright Isle! My son loves Zingo. I love that the games, toys, and activities were items I’ve never really seen in pharmacies or online! I will certainly shop again!

Charmaine R. / Product Review
She LOVES the Imagination Magnet Castle set and all the Peaceable Kingdom games we got.
They’re so great because her big brother can play them with her while mommy and daddy work!
Vanessa P.


Bermuda Day 2024
3rd year of 13.1 in the books for this kid.🏃‍♂️
Set a goal of 2 hours. Crushed it. 💥 🏆
Finn, you amaze me!! 💙

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Happy Mother’s Day! 💙 ...

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Need a quality sand pail and tool set? 🏖 ⁠

Look no further! This high quality set from Green Toys, made from recycled plastic, will last for years and is such great quality. 🙌🏽⁠

Currently available in pink or green and includes a bucket, shovel, rake, and sand castle mold. Shop the #linkin.bio to order today! ⁠

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You're doing a great job, Mama. 💕⁠


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THANK YOU for helping us to continue giving to Family Centre! ❤️⁠

Thanks to our customer's continued generosity, we were recently able to give over $2500 in gift cards to the Family Centre to distribute - giving the gift of play, creativity, family time and more! 😍⁠

It amazes me that through Bright Isle over $6600 has been donated to Family Centre! We appreciate your continued generosity and support of our Impact initiative! Click on the #linkin.bio to learn more about our Impact Initiative in support of Family Centre!

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Thursday gratitude. 💕


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Kids have birthday parties on the weekend? 🎈 ⁠
No need to add more running around to your plate. 🚫⁠
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🗣 A reminder to intentionally speak life today. ❤️⁠


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Need gifts for the weekend? We have them! 🙌🏽
Check out this new bracelet making kit that is bound to be a hit!
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Hey there, lovely people! 👋🏽 It’s been a minute, but I’m back to say hi again! For those of you who are new here, I’m Melanie. I’m the one on the right (coral shirt & white pants) in this family 📸taken on Easter.

I wear a number of hats – mom to Finn (10) and Ty (8), Nic’s wife, busy middle school teacher, and the owner of Bright Isle for almost 6 years now! And something random about me: I have a really hard time keeping my eyes open for photos. 😅

Teaching has always been my passion. I’m all about getting parents excited to nurture their kiddos’ love for learning. 💡Our mission at Bright Isle is simple: to get kids playing, exploring, and creating - because that’s how the magic of learning happens!

Now, as a busy mom on the go, I live for deliveries to my doorstep. That’s why making Bright Isle super easy and hassle-free for all you busy moms and for the loved ones overseas is non-negotiable for me. 🙌🏽

Thanks a bunch for joining us here! 🌟 I hope our page brings you smiles, some inspirational parenting insights, and that our products help your little ones grow and stay curious through hands-on learning adventures! ✨

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