Buy a Gift, Give a Gift

It is our mission to help make valuable learning tools accessible for all of Bermuda’s children; to support parents as they seek out developmental resources; to spark a love of learning as our children play, explore & create, and to encourage the child-parent-family bond and relationship.
Yes, we are a small business, but we know that – together with our customers – we can make a big difference in our community.
We are thrilled to announce our first partnership with Family Centre – Bermuda Registered Charity #378.
Please read the message below from the Family Centre Counselling Team to learn more about how the gift of Bright Isle products will be of great use for children and families at the Family Centre.
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Statement from the Family Centre Counselling Team

Children and families can heal together when they play together. Play provides emotional distance for kids to safely explore traumatizing memories and events. Play is a fun and enjoyable activity that allows children and families to connect. Play relieves children from feelings of stress, stimulates creative thinking and exploration, and regulates emotions. Play helps children to address and resolve their problems. Play therapy allows children to learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways of relating to others.

Play therapy is used by our Counsellors at the Family Centre to support children who have challenges socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. During play therapy sessions, children build their executive functioning, as they learn to manage time, focus, plan, and organize, all through the modality of play. During Family session counsellors engage the children and parents in Game Play Therapy to support self-awareness, self-expression, family communication, and relational attachment amongst family members. In Game Play Therapy, board games, toys and card games are used, to work on coping when you lose, playing fair, celebrating the success of others, and consistently working to reach a goal. Group Play Therapy is also facilitated, which involve the children having play interactions between two or more children under the facilitation of a therapist. Children work on having empathy for others and developing emotional intelligence by picking up emotional cues from their peers as they play together. In Group Play Therapy, kids build their creativity and imagination, which can support their academic learning.

Susan Richardson, Director of Counselling Services

Family Centre has been strengthening children and their families in our community for 30 years. We have three pillars of service. Counselling services are provided to children ages 4 to 18 and their families.  We give them care, nurture and teach coping skills to overcome emotional, social and behavioural challenges. Our services are free of charge and confidential.  Through our community outreach programmes (Youth Leadership Academy, Beyond Rugby Bermuda and Beyond Yoga Bermuda), we reach middle and high school youth who might not otherwise access counselling.  Youth benefit from learning how to stay motivated in school, foster positive relationships, access needed resources and build a successful future for themselves.  The focus of our advocacy initiatives is to empower parents, schools, businesses, and the community at large with the knowledge, resources and support they need to ensure the wellbeing of Bermuda’s children.  Advocacy services include delivery of workshops, presentations, and panel appearances; public awareness campaigns; and collaboration with other agencies.  Family Centre’s mission is to facilitate healing, hope, and connection to strengthen families and create a healthier Bermuda for our children.

– Dr. Sandy De Silva, PsyD, Family Centre Executive Director

How It Came About

After we shared about our Port Royal giveaway, we had a customer offer feedback that we consider offering a “Buy One, Give One” program. We reached out to Family Centre and are thrilled to now be launching our Impact Initiative!

How It Works

1.  While you’re shopping on our website, you’ll see the option to “Donate a gift of equal value” to Family Centre in the following places on the site: in the sidebar of the product page or while finalizing your cart.

2.  You’ll notice a field where you can recommend any product that you (or your child) think the kids at Family Centre will love.

3.  We’ll let Family Centre know they have received a donation to shop at Bright Isle and will share your personal recommendation with them!

For every donation made for the gift of play therapy to Family Centre, Bright Isle also donates 10% of the revenue to Family Centre’s therapeutic programmes and services.

Our Giving

As of April 2024, due to the generosity of our customers, Bright Isle has been able to give more that $6,000 in donations to Family Centre.